Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trevor Hall!

Okay, so Kayla has inspired me to rave about Trevor Hall.... I know I mentioned him in previous post(s), but his new cd "Everything Everytime Everywhere" came out today! Kay graciously shared it with me. And WOW. Words absolutely cannot describe how much I love it. His voice is immensely calming, soothing, every good emotion balled into one- and THAT is how I feel when I listen to him.

His songs are simple, deep, thoughtful, pure, kind, and truthful. He is a gracious and caring soul and young man. (Check out the link I connected to his name above to read a little more about him!) He sings about life, love, and his journey through experiences and adventures he's had; pretty much everyone can relate to them in some way or another.

I got to see him in concert too, so listening to his music is even better after I've gotten to see/ hear him live! I am currently listening to the new cd (and I'm sure I will listening to it on repeat for the next few weeks!) and am not even half way through it and already am in LOVE. His songs make me ponder life, forget about all my problems, make me thankful, keep me at peace, and fill me with bliss.

I could be in the utmost worst, negative mood and his music will automatically lift my spirits. He is my favorite artist, and I've only know about him for a couple of years even!

Ya'll should check him out and either carefully listen to his lyrics, or look them up. You will love him, I'm positive. :)

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