Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Todo me parece bonito!

Today was a GREAT day! 
I was supposed to work out with some friends, but we all ended up wanting to sleep in a bit more... So I did some yoga to start off the day. It was refreshing. It was an energizing routine; it must've worked! Then a nice shower and headed to campus for some free Hmong food... I caught them right before they packed up the station too! Then I had lunch outside with my friend Michael, we talked about life and attempted to avoid the crazy winds (and we may have had to chase down some napkins a few times...). The only bad part of that was my sweet and sour sauce spilled on my purse :( So now it smells like the sauce...and it wafts every time I walk... So hopefully I can get the smell and stain out, because it's from Nepal and I love it!

Then we went and I got an iced latte from Mugby...it totally hit the spot! Caramel latte with rice milk. Nom nom nom. I uploaded some pictures to Facebook, found some articles to research, met some new people, and class went by quickly. I even got some color from the sun today ;) Although getting my vitamin D is much more important than being tan. I already feel the difference in energy level after getting my vitamin D on this gorgeous day!

I'm ending the night with my friend Mal. We're going to do homework, have coffee, and popcorn (stove made popcorn- of course!) It's been a weird few days, so having a care-free, happy, beautiful day today was very needed.

How was YOUR day today?! Hope wherever you were, it was beautiful and you enjoyed the day :)
Don’t fall asleep in your soul
Come up above from below,
Wipe the sleep from youre eyes
Oh, my, my!
Shake the dust of your hands,
And come run free on this land
if you wanna survive!
It’s time to wake up and sing
It’s time to wake up and sing
It’s time to wake up and sing
Put the crown on the king
Put the crown on the king
Live your life.
Come rise up, Come give love,
What you waiting for?
All I know
Is here in now.

** Update!!! We actually went down and had a bonfire for our friend Zach's birthday before our hang out sesh at Mal's house. It was so great, but still super windy!! And it is no longer popcorn and coffee we're consuming, it is spring rolls ;) Carry on...**

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am so happy today! It's a great feeling...finally, right?! ;)

I got a call today asking if I could volunteer for Midwest Music Fest this year... Of course I said YES! What is MWMF, you may ask? Well it's freaking awesome. That's what!

Basically singers/ groups from the Midwest area come down to Winona and perform! There a ton of venues; it runs over a period of a few days (this year it is April 19th- 21st); and if you volunteer you can get access to all the venues and events! Which is FANTASTIC! Andrew volunteered last year so we got to see some great artists like HeiruspecsDustin ThomasMichelle Lynn, and many more!

So this year... I am EXTREMELY pumped because I get to see Zoo Animal!!!! :D And [hopefully] Toki Wright (who is also from the Twin Cities area!! Represent!!) I'm really proud and ecstatic to have the opportunity to be a part of this annual Winona tradition!

Secondly, I am a proud sister because my sister Emilie participated in her college's annual culture week last week! She danced in a Bollywood routine, and to a traditional Nepali routine... I have not had the guts to do that at all! I wish I could have gone to see her, and support her and her friends. But I was there in spirit for sure. :P Here is a video of the traditional Nepali dance they did :)

So not only am I happy about this... I am also happy because my absolute favorite singer will be in Minneapolis on April 6th! Which just so happens to be a weekend that I will be home! So I can see him in concert (again, hehe) !!! He's been touring in more Southern areas so I haven't seen him since a couple years ago when he was in Wisconsin. But now he'll be HERE! In Minnesota! Eeeeep!

Oh. Right. I didn't say who it was... Trevor Hall! :) :) :)

I've already blogged about him a few times... So I won't say too much again. But he's just... So perfect! Dreadlocks. Writes all his songs. Goes to India every year. His voice is like an orgasm of the ears, seriously. How much better does it get?

What are some of YOUR happy music thoughts?! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Explore the world... and yourself!

Yesterday my lovely friend in Ireland, Emily, suggested I go for a walk. Get lost. Trust my intuition to get back. Take a break from thinking so much about life.

So I did.

I threw my phone in my bag, grabbed my camera and my "meditation" music, and wandered around Kansas City. I took lots of pictures. Because, I don't know. Sometimes the most common things we see everyday seem extra beautiful if you just take an extra moment to enjoy them. It's nice to have simplicity once in a while. I always make things so complicated and overthink everything. That's just silly. Sometimes ya just need to take a step back, stop thinking, and just BE.

That's what I did yesterday. It was great. I probably looked like a weirdo in my maxi dress and moccasins walking around aimlessly, but that's ok. I don't know any of these people anyway ;)

"You don't need a reason for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to. Because it's fun. Because it makes you happy."

“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was.” - Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

"Traveling is a brutality. If forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things - air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky - all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it." - Cesare Pavese

Here is the documentation of my lovely adventure. Enjoy. :)

So many colors

Clear skies

The path ahead

Two totally different kinds, but they're both trees. Side by side.

Sometimes dirt roads lead to the greenery

It's nice to relax and kick back

Laying in the grass. Listening to tunes. Avoiding sun damage in my eyes.


Attempting to use the self timer...

Self timer

My balance isn't the greatest. :P

Curb walking is fun

Dig deeper

Towering over me with such strength and beauty

Find the color among the blandness of things

A little color and decoration can make a big difference

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

This week has been so shitty. I had a paper on virtual child pornography due today, and it was really hard to find sources on it since it's not a very common topic. I was proud when I finally finished it early, went to campus to print it off, then realized it needed to be uploaded to D2L...which is when my internet decided to not work. Aaaand of course the dropbox where we were supposed to upload it to, closed by the time my internet started working again. Ever since freshman year, D2L and I have had a hate-hate relationship. Blechhhh.

So now that it's at least done, I'm slightly less stressed. Although I have a project on chemical dependency due tonight as well, but that won't be that hard. But I have a couple midterms coming up...And mock interviews for my classes... Bla, bla, bla. I'm just so checked out of school. I don't care anymore. It's terrible, I know. But I've been here for 5 years. I'm just done.

Anyway. In the time I wasn't freaking out about my paper, I made sure to have some time to breathe. And how did I do this, you say? Well, by Skyping some of my awesome friends- that's how. Aaaand what better way to remember those wonderful conversations? By taking candid screen shots. ;)

My lovely friends will probably not be happy about these pictures. But guess what? I don't care. Because I love the pictures and they make me SMILE! :D

Kayla and Trevor A.

My novio...Smiling! (Which is exciting since he's been so stressed with work lately!)

Connor (with glasses! ;) haha) and Kayla

Molly and Sam (HAHAHAH. They will hate me for this. Oh well.)

This one's old, but I love it. Alex, Daniel, and Kayla

Thanks to Skype/ Twitter/ Facebook/Blogging, staying connected with people is so much easier! I just love social networking because it's helped me stay in touch with old friends, and make new ones too!

"I get by with a little help from my friends"