Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some fotos de mi vida

Here are just some pictures that describe my life :)

this is my wonderful novio, Andrew, and me at our favorite restaurant Rubios <3 

I love Naked juice. so much. especially this flavor Green Machine. YUM.

I love cooking. especially stir fry. (except this pic is a stir fry Andrew made for my family)

I have awesome friends. and we like to walk down by the river late at night. :)

this is camp knutson. I am a counselor for the autism camps there. it's a wonderful life up there. 

this is my family. [scott side]. they're pretty awesome. and basically are my life. 

simple things can make the biggest difference. I'm easily amused and easy to please. since I don't like the smell of flowers, I would just like to say, "stop and take a picture of the flowers" :)

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