Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer and the lovely clothes that come with it :)

So, as most of you know, I hate summer. I abhor heat, humidity, and sun. October/ all of fall is my absolute favorite season. But after my trip to Spain, I learned to tolerate the sun and heat only slightly more than I could before.

This summer was deathly hot, but I will admit that one thing I loved about it was wearing dresses and skirts all the time! I started loving them over this past year because I realized how much more comfy they are than jeans or shorts! And Goodwill and other thrift stores usually have great deals on skirts... I do wish I had more maxi dresses because they became my utter favorite thing to wear this summer!! I am currently wearing a beautiful maxi dress that I got from my lovely little sister, Lexi, for my birthday! That's kind of what inspired this post. :)

Then once fall and winter come, you can just wear leggings and scarves and sweaters with your skirts! Woohoo! I love the boho style... It makes me so happy. Although it's apparently now becoming more mainstreamed than it used to be. :P I must say that Bekah has a lovely blog "my little loves." that inspires me like none other! I love her style, the way she lives her life, and her little family (including the new baby addition!!) Anyhow, she writes about and shows her cute, mostly-thrifted style of clothes-- and I just adore them all!

Clothes can be simple or extravagant; but I prefer the simple style. And of course Kayla has some posts that are fashion inspired that I quite enjoy as well :) I also discovered another blog that has great fashion pics as well! This girl has great pics too :)

I'm too lazy/  unaware of websites to find pictures. Maybe I'll update it later. Ha :)

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