Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Love

There are A LOT of people out there that hate rap music. I, on the other hand, absolutely love rap music. But I think it's because I know how to appreciate real rap music. Flowing is actually kind of difficult to do; well, it's difficult to do well I should say. And I also appreciate rappers who rap to be real. They rap about their lives. When it's all about money, bitches, bling, blah, blah... then it can be annoying, I understand. But for the ones who rap about real things in their life- it's a lot deeper than just making money and getting famous. It's their outlet and way of venting about whatever could be going on or has been going on. It's straight up, no autotune or anything- just them and their ability to spit out stories. 2Pac and Eminem are my two favorite artists in this sense, as their songs are 100% truthful and honest. They didn't/ don't care about what anyone would think of their music. They just say it how it is, and I really like that. Eminem has so many cd's and all of them have different emotions and vibes to them; but all of them are GREAT to listen to. (in my opinion of course). If you actually listen to some of the words these people say, it can hit you deep. It will make you think. K'naan is also another amazing musician, especially since his life is completely different than those of most musicians here in the US. (special thanks to Andrew for introducing me to him!!)

In other, somewhat related, news:

I don't really know why but I am recently OBSESSED with this song...

"How to Love" by: Lil Wayne

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