Monday, August 22, 2011


I am currently hanging out with my amazing friend Sam, and she (and partially her roommates) is cooking a roast and baked veggies and it looks delicious! Then I remembered how much I love cooking. I cannot wait til I have a huge kitchen with lots of cupboards and storage space... Eeep! It will be amazing.

Cooking food is just so much more efficient than going out to eat everyday. It's usually a lot cheaper too since you can make copious amounts of food and have leftovers for the week! How can you go wrong with leftovers, right?!

Lately I've been super lazy though and have had NO motivation to cook. For a while I just got extremely bored with my usual stirfrys and pastas, so cooking seemed to be such a burden. Then my lovely friend Mal suggested a few vegan recipe sites for me to check out, and boy was I glad I did! This blog has been a fantastic help to me because the woman who writes it has sooo many different recipes to try! There are so many kinds that I am dying to try out! My wonderful novio got me a food processor for my birthday since the majority of the recipes call for one to make raw sauces and such. Let me just say, it was $30 VERY well spent! I think I used it everyday straight for two weeks after I first got it! ;)

Unfortunately now in Winona we have a teeny, tiny kitchen and my roommates and I all cook constantly  so it gets to be a bit crowded and stressful. But that doesn't stop us from being healthy and trying to make the best meals we can!

Some of my favorite things to cook are enchiladas, lentil tacos, and alfredo. Oh and I would just like to say how much I love reading food blogs because they open up my variety of g-free/ vegan recipe options! I never thought there could be so many choices!

I also cannot wait to have my own huge garden and grow all my own veggies and fruits. It will be beautiful, I am sure of it. :)

Here are some random pics I found of pretty kitchens that get me excited for when I have a big girl one of my own...

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  1. Did I ever give you the recipe for vegan lentil sloppy joes? If you like tacos, you'll adore them! Speaking of, I'm making red lentil tacos later this week :)

    Oh, and those kitchens? Le drool.

    Here is the recipe! This guy is awesome.