Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I always feel like I have so many things I want to tell everyone, but then lose track of it or don't have motivation to sit down and vent it. Guess the nice things about blogs is that I can write as little or as much as I want, and it still counts as a post? ;)

Soo... I'm in school to go for special education and Spanish. I love my sisters and family more than anything. I love learning about new cultures. I don't agree with organized religion. I love all things natural and eco-friendly. I'm a proud pro-choice and gay rights advocate. I am a 90% vegan (I splurge once in awhile, but dairy/ eggs/ meat make me sick). I've been gluten free for over two years. I love music, movies, long walks, reading blogs, supporting homebirths, tattoos, piercings, shopping at thrift stores, and cooking. I'm generally an outgoing person; I love meeting new people and having in depth talks with whomever :) I could also people watch for hours on end and not get bored!

I studied abroad in Spain for a semester in my junior year of college and I will just say, if it wasn't for my family being here in the US, I would not have come back here! It was amazing and completely changed my outlook on life. If you ever have the chance to travel to another country (or anywhere that will give you a new cultural experience!) DO IT. It is such a life changing thing... I did have a blog when I was there actually [spain blog! ... in case you're interested ;) ]

Anyhoozle... That's a little about me. I hope to inspire you, or at least somewhat entertain you, for the time being as I share my little facts and goings on in my life as a not-so-average-crunchy-hippie girl!

☮ paz. ♥ amor. = igualdad

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