Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little bit of life lately!

Hi there beautiful people :)

I apologize for lack of activity over here on my blogster world... Life has been quite a joy ride lately!

Let me start off by saying how absolutely perfect my New Year's weekend/ Christmas with Dad's side of the fam was... IT WAS AMAZING. Basically had grand ol' bonding time with my freaking awesome cousins (most of them...some couldn't make it) and I got the best gift from my grandparents: a gift card to the Co-op! I literally cried I was so happy about it. How perfect can that be? I love the co-op, and I wouldn't have had any food upon my return to Winona without it! Ha! So that was great... Then New Year's Eve (that Saturday...) my sisters and cousins drove me to a town in Iowa to meet half way with Andrew. Then him and I drove on down to KC for the weekend.

We basically drank wine, ate food, shopped (way way more than both of us usually do, so we were pooped!), and spent some quality time together... I can't remember the exact schedule we had, but all I know is I enjoyed every moment of it. I got to see my cousin and her new hubby, and my best friend too- so that was awesome. It was just so nice to be there with Andrew. Our alone time was my favorite part because the past few times we've seen each other it's been hectic and busy as all hell with family events, etc. So that was nice to not worry about that. And yes, we totally spent New Year's Eve in PJ's, drinking wine, eating pizza, and watching Big Bang Theory. We felt so old... But I wouldn't have had it any other way! Ooo and we have BOMB DIGGITY Indian cuisine for lunch Sunday... Holy yummy. It made me miss all my Nepali/ Sri Lankan friends though!

After the perfect weekend, I had to take the Greyhound back to the Cities.... HA. That was... Yea. I will never do that again. Andrew, I love you. But I will not go through that again. :P The bus was hot... Then a rando guy ended up sleeping on me/ cuddling with my shoulder for the last ~4+ hours of the trip... It was about a 10 hour trip. And the drive from the cities to KC is only 7 hours. So that sucked. Lol. I mean yes, the weekend was completely worth it. But boy was I glad to be off that bus that evening! I got a good "welcome back" night with my parents and sister by going out for tacos at a restaurant called Rusty Taco. [If you're in the St. Paul/ Mpls. area, definitely go check it out! Rusty Taco site] We had read great reviews on it in the local paper; they have gluten free tacos (as they're all in corn shells) and two vegetarian options. The owner was an awesome, fun, energetic guy... You could tell how passionate about his restaurant he was! So that was fun.

Fast forward a bit... to Thursday the 5th. I took the GRE that day. Ha. What a joke. It was terrible. I feel like I guessed on every thing. Emilie had helped me study basic math skills the night before... But of course there was a ton of algebra and geometry, and vocabulary that I'm pretty sure no one actually uses... So yea. But it's done now. And the one school that requires the GRE that I applied to won't know the minimum score requirements until March 1st, so I won't know if/ when I need to retake it until then. So that sucks. But oh well... I wouldn't be able to afford it soon anyway! ;)

Aaaand that same night I returned to Winona. Man oh man, I am NOT ready for this new semester. With my new minor I added (Child Advocacy Studies), I'm going to have a hard adjustment to having so many classes when I'm used to working constantly, not go to class and study constantly. So that will be interesting.

Also, this whole month of January will be absolute hell- not only because of the new semester. But because I am one of the technical directors for the Frozen River Film Festival here! It's an awesome thing that's put on every year; it's a great community event. But it's a ton of work... I mean, obviously it's worth all the effort we put into it. It's just very time consuming. Here's the link so you can go check it out! And if you're in Winona during the festival- you must go! It's great! :) FRFF Also, if you're in Winona and feel like being generous, we need more volunteers to help out! ;) Andrew is a total technology guru, and he used to work at it. But now that he's not here anymore, my technical partner Sam and I have to take over! Woooo!

Anyhow, so that's my life lately. I apologize in advance if you don't get updates from me throughout this month... Or if I only put lil' blurbs out. That's why. Because it's going to be a crazy, hectic, busy month... But it will be fine. And I will survive. Oh and I have to finish applying for grad schools... Heh. Yay?

I got this. Ain't no thang, right?

I hope you all are doing well, having a good start to your year, and enjoying life. Andrew and I are pretty much counting down the months til my spring break (when I get to visit for a whole week!) and July when I go move down there... 6 months. *sigh* seems like so far away. I'm sure time will fly though...

Take care and much love!


Pretty Winona :)

Mmhm... One of my favorite quotes lately.

Something I tend to forget to do ;)

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