Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If only I could understand the words

Ho-kay so, I know my last post was about cultural things, but I am just obsessed with Hindi, Tamil, Asian songs (and everything) in general lately... There are a couple songs that my friend(s) introduced me to, and one of them even came on my Pandora station as well, and all I want is to be able to sing along to it!!! Unfortunately, I don't speak Hindi. Dang it. Although even though I can't understand the words, just listening to their voices and watching the music videos, I can feel what the song is about! And it doesn't hurt to have my friends translate them either ;)

I always admire how the majority of people from other countries around the world can speak multiple languages. Yet here in the United States, we're taught English and that's about it. How boring is that?! Ok, some schools teach Spanish too- which is an improvement. All of my friends from other countries, whether they're from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain...wherever it is, speak at least three languages. AT LEAST. Since there are people of so many different cultures and from neighboring countries, it's just a given that you learn many languages. I am always so fascinated by all my friends' abilities to speak so many languages... And I wish I had learned more than just Spanish growing up!

It's easier to learn, and become fluent, in a language when you start at a young age. I just don't get how after taking Spanish from kindergarten through college, I'm still not fluent. I was totally fluent when I was in Spain! Then I came back to the US... *sigh* and now it's gone. Probably doesn't help that I never practice... :/ oops.

Anyway, maybe someday I can become re-fluent in Spanish. And hopefully ASL too. And maybe Hindi. Or Nepali. ;) We'll see.

Until next time, I leave you with these two amazzzzzing songs. The first one is Hindi, the second is Arabic. I've literally been listening to them on repeat. My roomie Veranja says I'm turning Asian. ;) Thank you, V!

Zara Zara -- Bombay Jayshree

Enta Eih -- Nancy Ajram نانسى عجرم - إنت إيه

PS-- It's Frozen River week! Aaah!!! Freaking out. If you're in the Winona area, or up for a trip, you should come check it out! It's gonna be grand :)

Frozen River Film Festival site

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