Monday, January 16, 2012

It's happening

It's happening. The next two weeks are going to kick my butt. I've been aware of this for quite some time, I know. But now it's finally here. Finishing up all the prep for FRFF, diving into case studies and court dates, and legal terms for my Child Advocacy Studies classes...which all are blurring together thus far, since I have three of them and they're all CAST. Oh and grad school stuff needs to be taken care of as well. And figuring out my capstone project. Oh, there's graduation paperwork that needs to be done? HA. I'll worry about that later...

I had a great weekend with friends and did nothing productive (besides work of course), since I won't be able to have much of a social life from here on out probably, haha. I started getting more organized (not completely, but it's making progress- I swear!) in hopes that that decreases my anxiety and stress levels. I'm super excited for FRFF; it's going to be a great success. Just the building up to it sucks sometimes, as does anything wonderful!

Send some strength, encouragement, and positive vibes my way if you can please... I'm gonna need 'em! I will get through it. Slowly but surely. Keep on truckin' along. Oh and coffee is amazing. Just in case ya'll didn't know that already. OH! And I found love note number NINE from Andrew today... It could not have come at a better time, I swear. I needed that. I can't believe he's been gone since October - and I'm still finding love notes lying around various places from him! Ha, I am one lucky girl that's for sure. Two months til I go to KC too! Eep! Yay! Actually, it's less than two months...If I counted correctly it's 46 days?! (Someone check my math...since we all know how terrible I am at it :P)

I've recently enjoyed these two songs: one for calming my mind, and one for putting on my happy pants!

Calming: Samskeyti -- Sigur Ros

and the happy dance is... Loca People -- Sak Noel
(there is swearing in this. but GAWWWD it's amazing. and catchy. you'll love it, trust me!)

PS-- Speaking of Sigur Ros, I got to skype with Emily Templin, my lovely former-part-time-roomie friend who is an au pair in Ireland right now, for the first time in months today! I miss her dearly and love living vicariously through her awesome, crazy, Irish life. ;)

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