Friday, December 9, 2011

To Me

Today was my first day off of work, studying, and basically anything productive- in a long time. I picked up lots of extra hours at work this week and ended my last fall semester as an undergraduate... I figured I was due for a lazy day! I was hoping to sleep in with not setting an alarm... It didn't work very well though. I woke up at 8, 9, and 11:30. I was too hungry to try and keep sleeping more anyway. But I'll go to bed early tonight and all will be well!

My parents sent me a package of Christmas decorations (and a lovely card!) today, so I put up all the decorations... they're so pretty! It really gets my spirits up, especially since it's hard being away from home through the holiday season. I also got an adorable homemade card from Andrew, so that was a wonderful start to my day! :)

I've been lounging in sweat pants, am going to have some baked veggies for dinner, and have been catching up on some TV shows online (and my pinning on Pinterest too, of course :P)

But after today, it's crunch time: I have to finish my grad school applications and UBER study for the GRE (which I'm taking on January 5th... What?!) I've started reading a new book and journaling as much as possible too. I'm hoping to get some hours at Taco John's over winter break as well, just to get some extra money to make up for the lack of hours I'll have at Chartwells.

I'm so happy because the Spanish class I need to finish my major and minor is offered in the summer! Yes, yes, yes! This means next semester will be less stressful for me too. That was a huge relief for me to find out this week :D

I'm anxious, yet excited, for the future will bring for me. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my un-productive evening while it lasts! I think it's good for everyone to have days or nights like this once in a while. It's hard to do with such a fast paced, multi tasking based society though. So make sure you remember your own happiness and sanity, at least once in a while. ;) I know I have to remind myself of that quite often!


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