Friday, December 2, 2011

Prepare yourselves!

Since it's now the holiday season, I thought it'd be a great idea to have my best friend Kayla share a guest post with us sometime this week! So prepare yourselves for that. ;) I asked her to write about atheism and Christmas, so I'm really excited for it!

I will definitely be talking more about my thoughts and feelings about the holiday season as well, whether you agree or not, I'm going to say whatever I'm thinking.... Hence the point of this blog anyway, right?

I'm still waiting for snow to come... It just doesn't feel like holiday season without snow! I'm a true Minnesotan because I LOVE snow! I also left all my Christmas decorations at home, so I'm not going to be  in the full spirit while I'm here working over break... Oh well. Only 20 more days til I'm home, 21 more days til I see Andrew, and only 23 more days til I get to celebrate with my family! Time will most definitely fly by, I'm sure of it.

My goal this season is to attempt to make vegan eggnog. Why not, right? :D

:) Stay tuned, lovely readers!

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