Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

Hey all! I apologize [again] for lack of blogging... There's been a lot going on [again], so I haven't really been focused on blogging so much. But I do need to share my perfect weekend story with you all because it's just too much to hold inside!

It was easter weekend, so my friends and I drove up the Twin Cities. My Nepali friend Ravi and Sri Lankan friend Tasha were invited to stay with my family and I for the weekend to celebrate with us.

We drove up (leaving an hour later than I had wanted... shocking, I know :P) and jammed out to great tunes the whole way. We arrived to my house and were greeted by two new "members" of our family: my sister's friends Khushboo and Maneesha- who are also both from Nepal and Sri Lanka! We then all took off and went to the Mall of America, as Khush and Manee had never been there before. After that we dropped M, K, and E off at home; and Ravi, Tash, and I were off to see Trevor Hall in concert!

We got there early enough where we had time to buy merchandise...and since we were part of the first 100 people, we got to do a meet and greet after the concert! The music was blissfully perfect. I mean, his music is already perfect, but when it's live and you're a part of it? It's a million times better. We danced, drank, sang along...and touched him! He crowd surfed off the stage AND off the balcony of the theatre!!! And I got it on tape! It was perfect timing... I shoved my drink in Tasha's hands and immediately recorded his jump off the balcony. Haha... Words can't describe the happiness we felt after A) touching him on the way (only his hand/ leg, no worries :P) and B) precisely timing the recording of him jumping into the crowd. I also met a guy who was getting a tattoo just earlier that day at the SAME TIME as Trevor! So he was put on the guest list and joined us in the meet and greet afterwards.
{Ravi. Tasha. Mary. Me. Nick.}

We waited in line with these awesome [crazy] girls... and finally got to meet Trevor! I told him I liked his tattoos, he signed my poster, Tash hugged him and had him sign her shirt... It was so great. I really just love that man. So, so much. Nick (tattoo guy) invited us out to the bars afterward, but we ended up losing him in a crowd, so the [crazy, awesome] girls we met invited us to come with them to a different bar! We went; it was fun... Had some good talks with them, etc. Then we dropped Ravi off at his sister's house, and Tash and I went home...where we were greeted by friends and a rabbit. Ha, it was grand. I had seen Trevor in concert before, but even the second time- it was life changing. He is so inspirational and his voice- HIS VOICE! It's so magical. Mmm...

Grandma and Grandpa Scott (B and B as we call them) came to town Saturday morning. Em and her friends went down to El Burrito Mercado, where they have authentic Mexican goodies, and they brought back this triple salsa sampler which consisted of medium, spicy, and crazy-spicy salsas. We all gathered around them with a GIANT bag of chips and annihilated ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA. We were all dying (eyes watering, noses running, etc.) from the intensity of the salsas. It was delicious. We hung out for a while, then all the cousins came over and we had our annual easter egg hunt in the house... Unfortunately, my sister Lexi and Grandma miscounted the eggs so not everyone got the same amount... I ended up with just two eggs. :P Ha, but it was fun nonetheless... It's all about the experience not the material goods. (Even though I definitely stole some of my cousin's fruit snacks... Hehehe) After hanging out with the family, Tash, Khush, Manee and I went to the Nepali New Year celebration to watch Ravi dance and have delicious Nepali food! It was a tad on the boring side due to entirely too much talking and un-organization... but seeing Ravi dance (and meeting a new friend: the cutest little girl who fell in love with Tasha) was totally worth it!

{Happy family: post egg hunt}

{Red: Spicy} {Light green: Crazy-spicy} {Green: Medium}

{Cute little girl who fell in love with Tasha}

After the celebration, we headed off to Northfield for a party with some of my former high school classmates. We got some food on the way, and jammed out to tunes again (of course) in attempts to wake ourselves up for the party. It was about 10pm at this point, so you can see how we were tired. ;) We got there and I ended up realizing I had gone to school with basically everyone there! Ha, it was kind of a weird flashback. We had some drinks, played with bullets, guns, and military things, had a flood in the bathroom, had munchies, watched Archer before passing out around 3am or so. It was great. Totally worth the hour long drive out there!
{Tasha rockin' the chemical resistant military boots}

We woke up bright and early to make the trek back home. It was an absolutely beautiful day out, so of course we took advantage of it! We played corn hole, basketball, velcro catch, took a million pictures, and listened to Trevor Hall ALL. DAY. It was so marvelous. We had some great laughs and memories... Really. Mom's side of the fam came over, we had some tasty food and talked. Then the highlight of the day: Americans vs. Asians basketball game. It was EPIC. There was a perfect amount of people: 5 people for the Asian team, and 5 people for the American team. We hardly kept score; got really intense about it; liked to yell things frequently such as, "REBOUND! REBOUND!" or "KOU!" or "AY, AY, AY!" None of us wanted to leave... Tash and Ravi fell in love with my (our) family; we took [literally] 315 pictures throughout the weekend. It was just perfect! Then we headed back to Winona while reminiscing all the memories we had shared and experienced. 
{Happy family in the sun}


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