Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Todo me parece bonito!

Today was a GREAT day! 
I was supposed to work out with some friends, but we all ended up wanting to sleep in a bit more... So I did some yoga to start off the day. It was refreshing. It was an energizing routine; it must've worked! Then a nice shower and headed to campus for some free Hmong food... I caught them right before they packed up the station too! Then I had lunch outside with my friend Michael, we talked about life and attempted to avoid the crazy winds (and we may have had to chase down some napkins a few times...). The only bad part of that was my sweet and sour sauce spilled on my purse :( So now it smells like the sauce...and it wafts every time I walk... So hopefully I can get the smell and stain out, because it's from Nepal and I love it!

Then we went and I got an iced latte from Mugby...it totally hit the spot! Caramel latte with rice milk. Nom nom nom. I uploaded some pictures to Facebook, found some articles to research, met some new people, and class went by quickly. I even got some color from the sun today ;) Although getting my vitamin D is much more important than being tan. I already feel the difference in energy level after getting my vitamin D on this gorgeous day!

I'm ending the night with my friend Mal. We're going to do homework, have coffee, and popcorn (stove made popcorn- of course!) It's been a weird few days, so having a care-free, happy, beautiful day today was very needed.

How was YOUR day today?! Hope wherever you were, it was beautiful and you enjoyed the day :)
Don’t fall asleep in your soul
Come up above from below,
Wipe the sleep from youre eyes
Oh, my, my!
Shake the dust of your hands,
And come run free on this land
if you wanna survive!
It’s time to wake up and sing
It’s time to wake up and sing
It’s time to wake up and sing
Put the crown on the king
Put the crown on the king
Live your life.
Come rise up, Come give love,
What you waiting for?
All I know
Is here in now.

** Update!!! We actually went down and had a bonfire for our friend Zach's birthday before our hang out sesh at Mal's house. It was so great, but still super windy!! And it is no longer popcorn and coffee we're consuming, it is spring rolls ;) Carry on...**


  1. ohhh that song made me so happy. i'm excited to see him in concert on friday!

    i'm sad for you about your purse. I would try vinegar, unless the purse is white-ish then i would do peroxide. good luck :)

    annnnnd now you've got me hungry for spring rolls...

    glad you had a nice care-free day :)

    1. Isn't it amazing?! It's such a great song to play in the morning...wakes ya up and makes you smile!! :)

      Yea... I was thinking maybe even just rubbing detergent on it? It smells terrible... :P

      Yes! Spring rolls are soo good!!