Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am so happy today! It's a great feeling...finally, right?! ;)

I got a call today asking if I could volunteer for Midwest Music Fest this year... Of course I said YES! What is MWMF, you may ask? Well it's freaking awesome. That's what!

Basically singers/ groups from the Midwest area come down to Winona and perform! There a ton of venues; it runs over a period of a few days (this year it is April 19th- 21st); and if you volunteer you can get access to all the venues and events! Which is FANTASTIC! Andrew volunteered last year so we got to see some great artists like HeiruspecsDustin ThomasMichelle Lynn, and many more!

So this year... I am EXTREMELY pumped because I get to see Zoo Animal!!!! :D And [hopefully] Toki Wright (who is also from the Twin Cities area!! Represent!!) I'm really proud and ecstatic to have the opportunity to be a part of this annual Winona tradition!

Secondly, I am a proud sister because my sister Emilie participated in her college's annual culture week last week! She danced in a Bollywood routine, and to a traditional Nepali routine... I have not had the guts to do that at all! I wish I could have gone to see her, and support her and her friends. But I was there in spirit for sure. :P Here is a video of the traditional Nepali dance they did :)

So not only am I happy about this... I am also happy because my absolute favorite singer will be in Minneapolis on April 6th! Which just so happens to be a weekend that I will be home! So I can see him in concert (again, hehe) !!! He's been touring in more Southern areas so I haven't seen him since a couple years ago when he was in Wisconsin. But now he'll be HERE! In Minnesota! Eeeeep!

Oh. Right. I didn't say who it was... Trevor Hall! :) :) :)

I've already blogged about him a few times... So I won't say too much again. But he's just... So perfect! Dreadlocks. Writes all his songs. Goes to India every year. His voice is like an orgasm of the ears, seriously. How much better does it get?

What are some of YOUR happy music thoughts?! :)


  1. We're going to see Trevor Hall in Philly next weekend. I'm super excited for it too :)

    1. Eep!!! Have you seen him before?! I saw him once before and that's when I really started falling in love with him and his music :)