Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day: Andrew ♥

Well, here we are! Valentine's Day... I've never really been one to celebrate it (besides getting dressed up and wearing red stuff). But it's kind of fun to be extra romantic and such for a day ;)

This year my valentine is 7 hours away from me and working for the big man. He sent me a cute homemade card and two homemade DVD's, so this post is my gift to him. If love and copious amounts of couples pictures make you want to vomit, you should probably stop reading now. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

[Disclaimer: VERY photo heavy!! ;)]
Back in the beginning... We happened to both enjoy Ed's bar. [Shocking!]

We both happen to enjoy Nepali culture...and food!

I needed a second opinion [and a photobomber] when purchasing new glasses

We both enjoy Mexican food. And margaritas. ;)

We like to be weird.

We also like to be weird with other awesome couples.

We both love Matisyahu (and hate humidity).

We enjoy drives to downtown St. Paul, especially after huge storms, to listen to great music.

We like to cuddle and watch fireworks together.

We like pretending to ride bikes (that are actually bike racks).

We like dates by the river.

We like late night walks.

We like snuggling, relaxing, and watching tv.

We like coffee (from the French press especially!) in the morning.

But mostly... We just love each other, and like to enjoy the simple things in life. :)

"You got the love I need to see me through."

"All I know is I love you, and that's about all I can do."



  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! This is a really sweet valentine's post. Enjoying the simple things is definitely the best way to go through life. xoxo

    1. Awww, thank you!! I'm glad you enjoy it. I'm still kind of new, so I don't think I have too many readers haha! Glad you're along for the journey of my life though :)

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