Friday, November 4, 2011

Saving Money: One eco-friendly product at a time :)

[I posted this on my Facebook a while back, but it's better here I think ;)]

Okay, so around February/ March of 2009 my lovely SMBFF, Kayla, introduced me to cloth pads and the Diva cup. Sounds kinda sketch at first, right? The Diva Cup is this wonderful silicone cup used to basically replace tampons. Instead of absorbing ALL the fluids in your vagina, it only holds the blood that comes out. You can wear it for up to 12 hours (depending on your flow of course; you'll have to empty it more often if your flow is heavier), clean it with hot water and soap (or the Diva wash), and put it back in its little handy bag! In stores it's about $30+, but if you order online it's only $20! 

Cloth pads are just what they're called- pads you use that are made of various cloths, reusable, more comfortable, and there are different thicknesses/ styles/ etc. The price range for these varies; if you buy one from a store or PartyInMyPants, they're a tad more spendy. But if you can find sites online from women who make them themselves, they can be a lot cheaper! I bought 8 pads, all in different sizes, for only $36 from theappleorchard site! They are cute, comfy, easily washable, and eco friendly!!! 

So I decided to add up roughly how much money I've saved in the past two years from using these amazing eco friendly products vs. store bought disposable tampons and pads. (I can just say, I cannot go back to the disposables. I love my pads and Diva sooo much!!!)

Okay so these are all estimates of prices (Target online prices)

Box of 50 tampax pearl $8.69
- use 6 a day, about 8 days worth in a box, which is about 1 period cycle
- $8.69 x 12 = $104.28

Package of Kotex pads $5.54
- 40 pads per package, 5 a day, 8 days, about 1 cycle.
- $5.54 x 12 = $66.48

$66.48 + $104.28 = $170.76

NOW my products
Diva cup: $20
Package of 8 pads: $36
16 pads = $72 ($80 to round up) $100 total

I have spent $100 (or so) in the past 2.5 years on my feminine products. Whereas, most women are spending about $341.52 in just 2 years on feminine products! I've saved over $200!!!

I'm not telling you all you have to convert or anything; it was just something to think about. It IS sanitary still; it's more comfortable, affordable, and hey- it's wayyy more eco-friendly than just throwing away your disposable products EVERY time you use them!

Here are some sources and such to look into if you feel like it :)

[DISCLAIMER: I'm terrible at math.]

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