Tuesday, November 22, 2011

25 Facts :)

1. I hate being barefoot. I love wearing socks, even in summer.

2. I wore contacts for a couple years in high school, only because I wanted to wear sunglasses. But I gave up on them because I HATE the feeling of them. My eyes got too dry and painful all the time. So now I only wear glasses, and I have prescription sunglasses.

3. I always wear earrings unless I'm showering or sleeping. I feel naked without them.

4. I hate the sound and feeling of two dry things rubbing against each other. For example, at work the other day my coworker rubbed a cleaning scrubby against a cardboard box; I cringed and freaked out.

5. I hate all birds except eagles. And I mean REALLY hate. Ever since Spain and the pigeons that basically tried to kill me everyday there, I can't stand them.

6. I am deathly afraid of moths. I love butterflies, but moths are basically the devil.

7. I have a very strict bedtime routine: brush my teeth, put my mouth guard in (I have TMJ), I need to have a full glass of water, chapstick, and lotion by my bed; check my alarm at least three times, check to see if the door is locked at least twice, and can only shut off the light if I have my phone light on at the same time.

8. I am really afraid of the dark.

9. I don't like cucumbers. In anything.

10. I love learning about Hispanic culture, it absolutely fascinates me. Well, pretty much learning about any other culture is exciting to me.

11. I think dreadlocks are amazing, and I hope to have some someday when my hair is long enough.

12. If/ when there is a species that eventually kills off humans, I think I will be reincarnated as that species. Even though humans are capable of doing a lot, I don't think we are "all powerful" and I think the earth will be fine without us. It sounds dark and mean, but it's just how I feel.

13. I've enjoyed Michael Jackson's music since I was little girl. Thanks, Dad!

14. I was fluent in Spanish after studying abroad there for a semester, but as soon as I came back I lost it. I want to eventually become fluent in it again. That and American Sign Language too.

15. I have never just drank a glass of milk by choice. I like milk in recipes, cereal, and coffee. That's it.

16. With that, I only have almond milk. I'm pretty much lactose intolerant so I rarely consume dairy.

17. I don't wear make up. I haven't worn it since 10th grade, except for the handful of times my friends basically forced me to wear it ;)

18. I think red hair is so pretty.

19. I am excited to give birth. I don't like little kids (unless they're my own), but I want to experience being pregnant and [hopefully] giving birth at home in a tub, with a midwife, and no drugs. (DISCLAIMER: I will not be doing this until I'm at least 30. ;]) And I'm excited to breastfeed.

20. Mexico and Nepal are my two ultimate dream places to go to someday.

21. I have two younger sisters and they are my life. We all look the same, but we're all pretty different when it comes to personalities. But they have been my best friends since we were younger, even though I told them random lies all the time and they believed me. (For example, I told Emilie that if you pause a movie for too long the tv would blow up. Oops :] Haha)

22. If I had to identify myself as part of a religion, Hinduism and Buddhism would be it. I like them because they're more of lifestyles guidelines than forceful organized religions.

23. I love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. It's really hard for me to buy clothes brand new now.

24. I constantly get holes in the big toe part of my socks and shoes. I don't know why, but it's been happening for years. I think it happens to my grandpa too. Weird?

25. I greatly dislike gender stereotypes. (i.e. girls have to wear pink; boys have to play with trucks, not dolls; only moms can take care of the baby, etc.) Our society forms them right from when a person is born. It sucks. I want to try and eliminate those stereotypes from my kids' lives right from the get-go!

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