Sunday, October 23, 2011

Earth Teach Me

I used to attend a Unitarian Universalist church here, and I LOVED it. It was so humble and greatly focused on inner peace and how important nature and the world around us is! One day we read this prayer from a Native American tribe, and I simply fell in love with it.

We really don't respect this earth as much as we should. Actually, we're doing quite the opposite. It saddens me deeply because so many people assume the earth will last forever and there's nothing we can do to improve/ change it. Recycling, reducing, and reusing have been mottos and ways that have been taught to us for so many years, but do we really think about them? Do we really do them? Unfortunately, we don't. At least not all of us. I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means either. But I have become a lot more aware and conscious of products I use, reuse, reduce, and recycle.

I recycle everything I can, and WILL dig things out of a garbage can if someone else throws away a perfectly good recyclable item. I have started buying in bulk, which is not only cheaper- it uses less packaging! So that's a double win. If you can buy in bulk, DO IT. It's amazing. I buy bulk laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, honey, spices, tea, olive oil, nuts, dried fruit, lentils, and syrup! (I think that's all... ha) I save so much money and I love not wasting so much plastic (plastic is evil, by the way. Watch the documentary Bag It to understand and attempt to comprehend how much is too much...) [Also, thanks to my wonderful novio for opening my eyes on plastic.] Like I said, I'm not perfect- but I'm at least fully aware of what I use, so I can make an effort to change my ways for the better!

All of our pollution is destroying the earth... And it sucks. Global warming, smog, overpopulation, etc... So many things abusing this beautiful place we call our home! We are but tiny blips on earth, but we can make a huge difference- good or bad. This is, of course, just a brief overview of all the issues we need to focus on, but it's definitely a new focus for many people who don't care or don't want to change their ways. I encourage you to look around and think about what YOU can do to help. Are you using energy saving lightbulbs? Are you leaving lights/ electric items on when you're not using them? Are you walking or biking when you can, instead of driving? Are you recycling that can you just used? Are you using glass dishes to avoid throwing away more unnecessary waste? Are you using a reusable bag instead of a plastic one?

The ecosystems and little earthlings that came long before our time were doing just fine and dandy without humans. So let's try and keep it as natural as possible, ok? :)

Earth Teach Me:
Earth teach me quiet ~ as the grasses are still with new light.
Earth teach me suffering ~ as old stones suffer with memory.
Earth teach me humility ~ as blossoms are humble with beginning.
Earth teach me caring ~ as mothers nurture their young.
Earth teach me courage ~ as the tree that stands alone.
Earth teach me limitation ~ as the ant that crawls on the ground.
Earth teach me freedom ~ as the eagle that soars in the sky.
Earth teach me acceptance ~ as the leaves that die each fall.
Earth teach me renewal ~ as the seed that rises in the spring.
Earth teach me to forget myself ~ as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me to remember kindness ~ as dry fields weep with rain.
- An Ute Prayer

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