Saturday, September 17, 2011


Water is SO good for us. It's tasty, refreshing, can fix some of our physical and even emotional issues. But what about other water: showers, sprinklers, pools, etc? I'm sure you don't really think about this because we've always had water, and always will. Done.

I've been thinking a lot more in depth about this lately though. As Andrew and I were walking home one night, we passed through the WSU campus and noticed the sprinkler system was on, no big deal right? WRONG. There were sprinklers watering poles, curbs, sidewalks, things that clearly do not need water.

Reading my aunt Michelle's blog [Thomas Belizian Adventure] about how they had NO water for a week got me thinking: what would I do if I had no water?!

I've asked my Sri Lankan and Nepali friends if they think we take water for advantage here in the US and they said yes. There are places all over the world that have no water- even for months or more at a time! I can't fathom that at all. We have pools, sprinkler systems (don't even get me started on how wasteful those are), long showers, long baths, etc. and most of us don't think anything of it. We are lucky enough to have access to all of this. But it's taken advantage of! We (obviously not everyone) are so wasteful with water here, and it kills me a little. Even just leaving sink water on for too long, making sure every house in perfect suburbia has a perfectly green lawn and a huge in ground pool, whatever the reason is- it's most of the time not even necessary!

So with this, I just want you to start noticing how much water you use in your daily life. Notice if it is being wasted at all. Imagine your life if you had NO water for a long period of time. I can't even think about going a day without it, I love it so much! Try not to waste so much. And if you're one of those people who just HAS to water your lawn all the time, give it up! Who cares if your lawn doesn't look chemically modified like your neighbor's? You're saving water and that is what's really important. (Plus, so many lawn things have nasty chemicals in them that are already bad for the environment!) Let's enjoy our water as much as we can! Not abuse the privilege of having it!

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  1. Yes, being without water is no bueno. The no shower or flushing of toilets is one thing, but even to rinse your hands when you're cooking or clean up a spill. Every minute I'd be turning around to use the sink only to find there was nothing. We've gotten used to taking "army showers" (turn the water off while you wash and only use to rinse) but we've both said we look forward to a visit home where we can take a nice long, warm shower :)