Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make a life, not a living

My sister got me a picture frame the other day that says "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life". She got it on clearance, just liking it, and I didn't really think more into it until today.
We're all about hustle and bustle in this world and society, but for what? Are we all really happy? Are we fulfilling our passions and living life to its fullest? Working non-stop gets us money...But what does money get us? Food, a place to live, and basic things like that are good, but once we have enough for that- the extra money shouldn't matter. Material goods can only bring a temporary happiness. A temporary nostalgic state of mind. But memories, friends, family, loved ones...that's where the real happiness comes from.
I'm lucky enough to be pursuing my passions in life. I'm glad I have been given these opportunities to explore and be involved in what really makes me happy and brings joy to my spirit. And I still get to come home to my loving family, our new house, my (finally) decorated room, and the thought of knowing that I've helped someone personally each and every day.
Are you following your passions? Are you doing what makes you happy? It's never too late to find whatever that passion may be. :)
All photos' source: Pinterest

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